The IRIS Watchdog III UV Flare Stack Pilot Monitor is an effective replacement or supplement to thermocouples or optical IR systems. It can be connected to an existing ignition system making the replacement of burned out thermocouples effortless.
This can be done without plant shut down or flare interruption, saving you valuable time and money.

The IRIS Watchdog electro-optically monitors pilot and flare stack activity using an ultraviolet sensor. It provides continuous burner surveillance indicating the presence or absence of a flame at the flame tip.
The Ultraviolet sensor is not affected by sunlight and therefore provides reliable flame sensing under a wide range of atmospheric conditions.


The model S256B viewing head is ground mounted up to 1000 feet from the flare stack tip. The rugged, light weight, all weather aluminum mounting yoke is designed for easy and accurate adjustment of the viewing head. Both vertical and horizontal aiming can be performed, and securely locked once achieved.
Signal strength can be monitored and adjusted at the viewing head location by using the display on the rear of the viewing head.
The electronics are designed with no moving parts to ensure continuous and maintenance-free operation.


Based upon our flagship flame monitoring system, the IRIS model P522,  the model P222 signal processor uses advanced microprocessor technology for detection and monitoring of Flare Stacks.

 All setup functions and status displays are available from the front panel. The P222 can be powered from 85 to 264 VAC line voltage, or from a DC supply of 22 to 26VDC.

Two independent relays are provided, one giving an early response (adjustable between one and sixty seconds) to a "flame loss" and the other giving a time-delayed response, (adjustable between the early response time and 60 minutes), for a "flame-out" alarm.

The P222 is also compatible with FlameTools software for remote setup and monitoring from a desktop computer system, or a handheld PDA.


  Jiangsu Leasty Chemical Increase Monitoring Capability andSafety with Honeywell IRIS Watchdogtm Industrial Flame Detect System

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Not affected by the sun
Lightweight and low power consumption
Monitors pilot and indicates flaring
No moving parts ensures reliability
Easy to install with no plant shutdown
Atmosphere penetrating UV sensor
Ground Mounted for ease of installation
1000 ft line of sight Range
Continuous Surveillance
Both 0 to 20 mA and 4-20 mA Outputs available.
Built Rugged to Last

Primarily used for monitoring flare stacks in the petrochemical industry, or other applications
where distance and/or accessibility is a factor.

A typical application for the IRIS Watchdog  flare stack monitor is shown above.

The Viewing head can be placed at a distance of up to 1,000 ft from the flare stack being monitored, as shown in the diagram on the left.

CSA Special Acceptance
ELECTRICAL AC Powered 85 - 264VAC, 47 - 440Hz, 0.3A Max (with viewing head)
DC Powered 22 - 26VDC, 300 mA (with viewing head)                         
DC Power for backup 22 - 24VDC, 300 mA (with viewing head)
ENVIRONMENTAL Signal Processor Ambient Temperature: 0 C to 60 C ( 32 F to 140 F)
Viewing Head   Ambient Temperature: -40 C to 80 C (-40 F to  to 140 F)
  Viewing Head Housing NEMA type 4X
CABLE Signal Processor to Viewing Head 4 conductor, #16 AWG or #18 AWG, one wire shielded with braided shield for flame signal. IRIS type C328 or C330 cable recommended
(Early indication)
2 sets Form C contacts
Contact Rating: 5A at 30VDC or 250VAC
Relay R2
(Delayed Indication)
1 set Form C contacts
Contact Rating: 5A at 30VDC or 250VAC
Analog Flame Signal 0 to 19.8 mA output for remote meters, or
4 to 19.8 mA output for DCS, etc. 360 Ohm Max resistance
Power to Viewing Head +26 VDC, Self Resetting fused, 0.25A (from Processor)
INPUTS Manual Clear Connect to GND via a remote switch to clear
Channel Select Connect 24VDC to select channel B
SERIAL COMMUNICATION RS-422/485 (Differential) 4800 ,9600, 19200 or 38400 baud (User selected)
VIEWING HEAD Distance from Pilot Up to 1000 ft. Line of Sight
Field of view 40 ft. diameter target at 1000 ft.
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